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BSL3 facility for mycobacterial research at LUCID

At LUCID (Leiden University Center of Infectious Diseases) we manage a biosafety level 3 (BSL3)
facility to work with (myco)bacteria. Our facility is in particular suited for research with live
mycobacteria, including GMO. Facilities are regularly upgraded to comply with the stringent national
regulations of Biosafety and Biosecurity ( over the years
including biometric access control.
Our laboratories are equipped with class IIB biological safety cabinets and all the basic materials
needed for (myco)bacterial research. This includes (shaking) incubators, (benchtop) centrifuges,
conditioned storage (including LN2 and -70°C and incorporated temperature monitoring by LUMC)
and small laboratory equipment. Additional instrumentation consists of a BD FACSlyric (4-Laser)
flowcytometer including a plate loader, BD BACTEC-MGIT960, Envision plate reader for fluorescence
and luminescence including a monochromator and options for FRET analysis (Perkin Elmer).
Our research staff has longstanding and broad experience in (myco)bacterial culture, routine analysis
as well as specific experimental procedures and is continuously trained to maintain skills up to date.
Facilities are upon request open to collaborators of other (LUMC) research groups, but stringent
training and qualification restrictions apply. Interested? please contact Annemieke Geluk and
Simone Joosten.

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